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The owner's finally have control of the board from the developer... The owner's finally have control of the board from the developer...

Partner with a Melentree CAM licensed by the State of Florida.


When your developer was in control of the association, homeowner's felt helpless in their ability to influence the direction of the community and in the budgeting process.  We have even witnessed budget meetings where the assigned manager told the attendees that it was against the law for them to speak during the meeting.


Not on our watch...Melentree believes in governance in the sunshine, it's your money!


Every penny will be accounted for and our managers will aggressively pursue avenues to lower expenses, increase transparency, and reduce HOA fees.  No automatic raises in the budget just because.  Contracts for services will be accompanied by multiple bids and no award terms longer than 3 years unless indicated by warranty.


It's your community and we respect your desire to maintain property values by responding to owner complaints about lawn maintenance, parking issues, and other concerns you may have in a professional manner.  We subscribe to the philosophy of verbal and written warnings, but will not hesitate to utilize fines in a manner consistent with Florida State Statutes and your governing documents.


Our home is one of the largest investments most people make in their lifetime.  Lets make it a beautiful, safe, respectful and inviting environment that provides a refuge from the outside world.


You worked hard to earn it.  Lets us work hard to enhance it.


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